01. If someone goes to a party at your house, and then tries to drive home drunk, you could be held [liable] if they are in an accident.
02. She's not a good skater, so she is [liable] to hurt herself if she goes rollerblading without a helmet.
03. Eating food with too much cholesterol makes the veins [liable] to thicken, and may result in heart problems.
04. The government is being held [liable] by people who contracted AIDS through blood transfusions from our public blood agency.
05. If the customers sign a waiver, the company cannot be held [liable] for any injuries suffered during their whale watching expedition.
06. The company has admitted [liability] for the accident, and is paying all medical costs.
07. With the party's recent poor showing in public opinion polls, the leader is increasingly being seen as a [liability].
08. For the first time since we opened two years ago, our profits have surpassed our [liabilities], and the company is now expected to grow steadily.
09. The company has reported earnings of $85 million, and [liabilities] of $53 million.
10. Corporations are legally created entities which allow people to establish organizations while minimizing their personal [liabilities].
11. In today's urban lifestyle because children are no longer a source of labor, they have become an economic [liability].
12. Pat Brown once remarked that when a man throws an empty cigarette package from an automobile, he is [liable] to a fine of $50, but when a man throws a billboard across a view, he is richly rewarded.
13. In 1984, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that a host may be held [liable] for serving alcohol to persons later involved in drunk-driving incidents.
14. In September of 1940, President Roosevelt signed a bill which made all Americans between 21 and 35 [liable] to be called for military service.
15. Insurance companies say you should never admit [liability] in an accident, even if you know it is your fault.
16. You will be [liable] for any debts incurred if you sign this agreement.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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